Civil Service Board

The Civil Service Board is an administrative body appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The purpose of the Civil Service Board is to hear charges that are brought against employees, hear employee appeals of actions taken by the Director of Human Resources, and to approve changes to the Personnel Rules and the job classification plan. Actions of the Civil Service Board are subject to Administrative Review, as defined in the Code of Civil Procedure. The Civil Service Board meeting schedule for 2021 is below. 


2021 Civil Service Board Meetings
Date Agenda Minutes
January 14 Agenda Minutes
February 17 Agenda Minutes
March 17 Agenda Minutes
April 21 Agenda Minutes
May 19 Agenda Minutes
June 16 Agenda Minutes
July 21 Agenda Minutes
August 18 Agenda Minutes
September 15 Agenda Minutes
October 27 Agenda Minutes
November 17 Agenda  
December 15 Agenda  

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Civil Service Board Standing Order - Dated 1/16/19


All correspondence to the Civil Service Board shall be sent to:

The Clerk of the Civil Service Board
Human Resources Department
100 E. Erie St. 3rd floor
Chicago, IL 60611