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Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

The .dwg file extension needs to be opened in CAD software.  If your browser tries to open the .dwg files in a new tab, you will only see the file code.  You will need to either right click the link and choose "Save As" to download a file to be opened in CAD software or update your browser settings so that it does not try to automatically open the .dwg extension in a new tab.

Volume Control Details
Bioretention Facility PDF DWG
Bioswale (Must be used with Check Dam) PDF DWG
Bioswale Check Dam PDF DWG
Constructed Wetlands PDF DWG
Drywell PDF DWG
Green Roof PDF DWG
Infiltration Trench PDF DWG
Lake Michigan Outfall Water Quality Device PDF DWG
Observation Well PDF DWG
Permeable Pavers PDF DWG
Rain Cistern/Water Reuse System PDF DWG
Removable Hood for Catch Basin and Water Quality Structures PDF DWG
Sediment Forebay/Pretreatment Basin PDF DWG
Signage for Permeable Pavement PDF DWG
Storage Below Outlet of Detention Basin PDF DWG
Vegetated Filter Strip (Flow-Through) PDF DWG
Volume Control Pretreatment Measures PDF DWG
Volume Control Storage Matrix PDF DWG
Urban Tree Stormwater Planter Box (Page 1) PDF DWG
Urban Tree Stormwater Planter Box (Page 2) PDF DWG
Underground Vault Volume Control PDF DWG


General Notes and Exhibits
MWRD General Notes PDF DWG
Job Start Notification PDF  
Example Drainage Exhibit PDF DWG
Example Exhibit R PDF DWG
Example Routing Exhibit PDF DWG


Stormwater and Floodplain Details
Emergency Overflow Weir PDF DWG
Floodplain Garage PDF DWG
Outlet Control Structure (Plate) PDF DWG
Outlet Control Structure (Wall) PDF DWG
Parking Lot Detention PDF DWG
Signage for Parking Lot Detention PDF DWG
Vortex Restrictor PDF DWG
Window Well PDF DWG


Sanitary Sewer Details
Concrete Cradle PDF DWG
Concrete Encasement PDF DWG
Dog House Manhole PDF DWG
Drop Manhole Connection PDF DWG
Rigid And Flexible Pipe Installation PDF DWG
Forcemain Discharge to Gravity Manhole PDF DWG
Large Grease Basin PDF DWG
Methods for Connecting to MWRD Manholes PDF DWG
Riser for Sanitary Service Lateral PDF DWG
Sanitary Manhole Type A and B PDF DWG
Small Grease Basin PDF DWG
Water Separation Requirements PDF DWG
Pipe to Existing Manhole Connection PDF DWG