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Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Treasury and Investments

The Treasury Section focuses on three major areas:

Cash and Investments

Cash Management ensures that the necessary funds are available for MWRD expenses by managing cash flows. Investment management focuses on preserving the safety of MWRD monies while maximizing its growth during varying economic conditions. Visit our Investment Partners page for information on eligibility requirements to become an invest MWRD funds.

Debt Management 

Debt Management involves issuing bonds, making on-time payments to bondholders; maintaining ongoing efficient debt structure; monitoring the debt service extension base capacity; and maintaining the MWRD’s outstanding credit ratings. Visit our Investor Relations page for information on our credit ratings and debt management program. Visit our SRF Projects page for a list of projects that have received funding from the Illinois EPA’s State Revolving Fund loan program since October 1, 2015.

Retiree Health Care Trust 

The Treasury Section manages the assets of MWRD’s Retiree Healthcare Trust Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) according to prudent investor standards and any requirements of federal law. Visit our Financial Reports page to see the OPEB ACFR and Actuarial Valuation Report.

Please note that reports for prior years provide dated information for historical reference only; they have not been updated for developments subsequent to document issuance.


For information on: Budget Reports, Financial Reports, or MWRD Retirement Fund click the appropriate link.  

Budget Reports

Financial Reports

MWRD Retirement  Fund

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