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Overflow Action Alert

The MWRD has issued an Overflow Action Day alert. Please limit water usage to absolute necessities. Visit our Overflow Action page for more information.


Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

How do I become a vendor to the MWRD?
Fill out the vendor application form

How do I get notified of bid opportunities?
Once you are registered as a vendor with the MWRD, your firm will receive invitations to bid. The MWRD emails registered vendors invitations to bid for opportunities that correspond with their selected NIGP codes (which are selected during the vendor registration process). Invitations to bid are also advertised in the Chicago Tribune and posted on the website every Wednesday. 

Where can I get the bid documents?
Go to contract announcements.

How do I become a plan holder for a bid document? How do I view the other plan holders?
Once you have downloaded the bid document you are now considered a plan holder for that bid document. A plan holder list is available on contract announcements.

How do I submit my response to a bid opportunity?
Once you download the bid document, submit your bid as indicated in the bid document. Bid responses are to be uploaded electronically, from the date of the Invitation to Bid, up to 11:00 AM on the specified bid opening date. A unique link for electronic document submittal will be given with each bid document. 

How do I view the public bid opening?
Sealed bids are opened publicly and can be viewed via a live stream.

How do I see the public bid opening results?
Bid opening results are posted online shortly after the bid opening. 

How can I check the award status of a contract or RFP?
Check contracts under review and contracts awarded.

How can I get more information on doing business with the MWRD as a minority/women/veteran-owned business?
For additional information on Doing Business with the MWRD as an M/W/V business, please visit the Diversity Section. There, you can view the MWRD’s Affirmative Action Ordinance Revised Appendix D and Vendor List and plan to attend one of our bi-annual vendor outreach fairs. 

What is the difference between the engineering consultant resume submittal form and the vendor application form
The engineering consultant resume submittal form is designed to collect information and qualifications of various engineering consultant firms. The vendor application form enables a vendor to be automatically solicited for applicable MWRD work requirements as they come up. If a vendor is awarded work under a contract or RFP, they must be registered as a vendor to be paid for the work.