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Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

The District has developed a Technical Guidance Manual (TGM) to provide satellite entities assistance on the IICP requirements and compliance.

Article 8. Infiltration / Inflow Control Program

A Long Term Operation and Maintenance Program and Private Sector Program outline has been developed to indicate minimum requirements and aid in the creation of these programs.

LTOMP and PSP Outline

Appendix D includes sample completed report forms and program templates.

TGM Appendix D

Individual Appendix D sample completed report forms and program templates.

Sample Short Term Requirements Annual Summary Report

Sample Condition Assessment Prioritization Form

Sample Status of High Priority Deficiencies Form

Sample SSO and/or BB Satellite Entity Internal Summary

Sample Sewer System Description and Inventory

Sample Long Term Operation & Maintenance Program (LTOMP) Annual Summary Report

NAASCO Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program (PACP)© Code Summary

Sample Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Sample Private Sector Program (PSP)

Sample Private Property Inspection Checklist

Template Long Term Operation & Maintenance Program (LTOMP)

The IICP TGM makes references to the 1989 Manual.

Operation and Maintenance Manual for Separate Sanitary Sewer Systems, MWRD, 1989