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These activities and resources are a fun way to learn about the MWRD and how to protect the water environment. 




Where Does It Go Cover



Where Does IT Go?
"Where Does IT Go?" tells the story of three young water explorers who travel in a magical ship through Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) pipes, sewers and tanks that are used to clean dirty water. Click here for more detailed information. 

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Animated Video

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Save the Monarchs Activity Sheet cover



Save the Monarch Butterfly

Learn facts about the monarch butterfly and find out how to save this beautiful insect.


Multiplcation Table Worksheet



Multiplication Chart - 0-12

Math can be fun, and multiplication plays a key role
in many math equations and problem solving.

Multiplcation Table Worksheet



Multiplication Chart - 0-20

Math can be fun, and multiplication plays a key role
in many math equations and problem solving.

Engineering STEM worksheet




Work in Water as an Engineer

MWRD Engineers Help Design Stormwater Playground

Word Find




Future Water Industry Professionals

Have you ever considered a career in the water industry? The MWRD has over 250 different types of jobs.


Flush With Care Word Scramble




Flush With Care Word Scramble

Learn more about what to flush and what not to flush!


What Happens When You Flush Crossword Puzzle




What Happens When You Flush The Toilet?

See where the water goes and how it's treated after you flush. 


Water Treatment Process Maze




Water Treatment Process Maze English/Español

Send Dirty Water to be Cleaned!

Rain Barrel Coloring Puzzle





Collect Rainwater with a Rain Barrel - Coloring Puzzle

Rain barrels are a type of green infrastructure that capture rainwater from
your roof and save it for when you need it.

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Color it Blue




Color It Blue, 16-page coloring book 

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Coloring Sheet



Wastewater Treatment Cycle 

Small Coloring Sheet

Large Coloring Sheet




Protect Waterways







Protect our Waterways Flashcards

CIS Logo




The MWRD is a proud partner of Communities In Schools of Chicago (CIS of Chicago), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting high school graduation in the city. Through participation in community events, classroom presentations, and ongoing CIS training, the MWRD community education team is committed to inspiring Chicagoland students to reach for success.

If you are interested in the MWRD connecting with your students and community via our virtual programming opportunities that promote protecting the water environment and introducing careers in water, please email

Chicago River



Current - River Lab

River Lab is a free STEM curriculum for high school students, developed by Current with support from the Walder Foundation. High school students will dive into this water-focused virtual field trip where they will be introduced to water quality parameters, discover the Chicago River, and explore real science data.




WaterSense Kids | US EPA

When it comes to saving water, everyone can help—and kids can make a big difference! Learn about water conservation for kids—and adults!—at WaterSense!

Coloring Page



Curious City: The complex
journey of Chicago sewage beyond the toilet




How Chicago Reversed Its River:
An Animated History

Periodic Table




Periodic Table of Elements