Where Does IT Go?


A children’s storybook written by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) and published in 2021 teaches students about the wastewater treatment process and careers in water while offering enriching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities.


“Where Does IT Go?” is a free storybook that is available at mwrd.org for download; the book is published in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Polish. An award-winning animated edition is also available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Fourth-grade teachers within the MWRD service area can request a limited supply of printed books for their classrooms by emailing communityeducation@mwrd.org.


The storybook introduces the Water Science Explorers, a cast of fictional characters, Yadira, Paul, and Jessica. These three students are very curious and wonder what happens when they flush the toilet. They embark on a special mission to discover the mystery of where pee, poop, and toilet paper go.


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Download the book below.

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   WDIG Chinese


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Where Does It Go video clip

Click here for the full animated version.

Click here for the full animated Spanish version. 

Click here for the full animated Chinese version. 

Educators within the MWRD service area may request a virtual presentation of our book for groups of 25 or more by emailing communityeducation@mwrd.org. The virtual presentation may be conducted via ZOOM or your preferred meeting platform such as Google Meet.

Cub Scout
Photo courtesy of Tiger Scout Jacob (Cub Scouts of Pack 773)


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"What I love about the "Where Does it Go?" storybook is that it can be revisited again and again, exploring different concepts with the young reader every time, from the water cycle, to microbiology, to basic physics, to social responsibility, just to name a few. Using water treatment as the jumping off point, it spurs the young reader to be curious about the world around them: about their environment, about the value of resources, and about how their actions have consequences." 

Tom Kunetz, Past President of the Water Environment Federation


"Thank you again for coming to our class at Palmer! Your (virtual) presentation fit in perfectly with our work in science."

J. Ruff, NBCT, 8th-grade science and social studies teacher, Palmer Elementary School (Mayfair)


"We are very excited that you produced this book. Congrats! I have been looking for materials, in-person tours, or virtual presentations for my kids since they first expressed an interest in stormwater/wastewater - which was probably as soon as they could talk!  I think this book will fill a need for information on an important topic at a stage when kids are naturally curious about it."

Meghan Meyer



If you have feedback or would like to submit a book review from either yourself or your student for potential use in our promotional efforts, please email public.affairs@mwrd.org with the review, name of reviewer, and age of student (for those under 18) and the adult’s job title (optional).