Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
5-Year Strategic Plan

The MWRD Board of Commissioners has approved a new Strategic Plan effective June 3, 2021.

The Strategic Plan 2021-2025 is available here. 

The new plan was designed to:

  • Articulate the mission, vision, and strategic goals for the MWRD for the next five years
  • Identify a set of strategic initiatives to achieve those goals
  • Provide a framework for measuring progress and reviewing/updating the Plan on an annual basis.

Members of the Steering Committee that oversaw the plan’s development included:

  • Commissioner Marcelino Garcia, co-chair
  • Commissioner Debra Shore, co-chair
  • Brian Perkovich, Executive Director
  • Mary Ann Boyle, Treasurer
  • Susan Morakalis, General Counsel
  • John Murray, Director of Maintenance and Operations
  • Catherine O’Connor, Director of Engineering

The firms and individuals that facilitated this effort on a pro bono basis included:

  • Arup
    • Janine Witko, Principal, Americas Water Leader
    • Vincent Lee, Associate Principal
    • Audrey Fremier, Water Engineer
    • Aude Lucien, Urban Planner
  • Civic Consulting Alliance
    • Kirsten Carroll, Associate Principal
    • Alec Noggle, Analyst
    • Evan Oesterle, Kearney Fellow

 Strategic Planning Process

The planning process began in September 2020. We took a comprehensive, staged approach that consisted of four consecutive phases.


Strategic Planning Phases document

The plan will be updated annually during our Budget planning process, and the public will have an opportunity to provide additional input.