MWRD 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

The MWRD’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan was developed by a multi-functional team of MWRD personnel and outside consultants to identify the strategic goals, strategies, and initiatives for the next five years. 


The MWRD will protect the health and safety of the public in its service area, protect the quality of the water supply source (Lake Michigan), improve the quality of water in watercourses in its service area, protect businesses and homes from flood damages, and manage water as a vital resource for its service area.


We will continue to be a world-leading wastewater and stormwater management utility focused on flooding mitigation, resource recovery, sustainability, resilience, and innovation.


Excellence, Respect, Innovation, Safety, Equity & Diversity, and Accountability

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Resource Management
Protect the public health and waterways.

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Stormwater Management
Mitigate flooding across Cook County.

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Workforce Excellence
Invest in employees.

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Community Engagement
Engage with community stakeholders.

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Enterprise Resilience
Ensure reliable, equitable, and cost-effective services.
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The Planning Process
Mapping out a path forward.