The following is general information pertaining to the specifics of the The Watershed Management Ordinance (WMO)

PDF Image  WMO (As amended on May 7, 2020) (6.6 MB)

PDF Document Icon Redline (As amended on May 7, 2020) (6.7 MB)


PDF Icon Watershed Management Ordinance: Amendment Summary

Watershed Management Ordinance: Short Summary (PDF Icon Spanish)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Assistance Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


WMO Permit Application Forms and Fees

Permit Flow Charts -- Under Revision, Currently Unavailable

Permit Checklists

Information Pamphlets for Developers and Homeowners

Authorized Municipalities and Multi-County Municipalities

Watershed Planning Areas

Detention and Volume Control Trading


The MWRD developed a Technical Guidance Manual (TGM), which will serve as a technical reference to the WMO. The TGM documents are accessible through the links below.

Technical Guidance Manual (TGM)

Appendix C. Standard Details & Notes (Updated November 2021)

WMO Design Calculators

WMO Model Templates

Watershed Planning Areas