Stormwater Partnership Program 

MWRD can assist communities in addressing flooding by directly supporting their efforts through our Stormwater Program. The program funds projects in Cook County that address flooding and drainage concerns. These projects utilize a variety of traditional engineered solutions such as localized detention, upsizing critical storm sewers and culverts, pumping stations, and establishing drainage ways, alongside green infrastructure. 

Projects are prioritized on their ability to reduce flooding and the number of structures benefited among other criteria.  Selected applicants enter into a cost-share agreement to build stormwater projects.  

MWRD and selected partnering agencies will execute an intergovernmental agreement to define the roles and responsibilities of the project development, including long term operation and maintenance responsibilities which are assigned to the partnering agency. After completion, MWRD inspects the project installation, ensuring maintenance is in line with the project’s operation and maintenance plan. 

From our initial  outreach in September 2013, dozens of projects were approved by our Board of Commissioners. The resulting projects are distributed across Cook County and include green infrastructure , localized detention, upsized critical storm sewers/culverts, pump stations, and established drainage ways.