Stormwater Management

MWRD’s Stormwater Management Program’s mission is to provide support for communities to undertake capital improvement projects that reduce the potential for stormwater damages to life, public health, safety, property and the environment.


Local governments and public agencies within MWRD’s corporate boundaries can apply to become partners to fund and build stormwater management projects.


Green Infrastructure


Local governments and public agencies within MWRD’s corporate boundaries  can apply to become partners  to fund and build stormwater management projects. Click on the following links to learn more. 


Stormwater Program Green Infrastructure Flood-Prone Property Acquisition


Watershed Planning Councils

Watershed Planning Councils represent communities located within the six major watersheds in Cook County. They communicate the needs and interests of the members of the public and local governments to the MWRD. To learn more about each individual watershed, see the Watershed Plans below.

2023 Watershed Planning Council Meetings and Agendas



    Watershed Plans

    The Stormwater Management's Detailed Watershed Plans (DWP) identify and prioritize regional stormwater projects for each of the six watersheds based on a benefit-cost analysis. Projects were identified into two categories: 

    • Streambank stabilization projects address critical active streambank erosion threatening public safety, structures and/or infrastructure.
    • Flood control projects address regional overbank flooding through traditional measures such as stormwater detention reservoirs, levees and conveyance improvements. 

    The Watershed-Based Plans (WBP) are a supplement to Stormwater Management's DWP. The WBP focuses on water quality and was prepared by Metropolitan Planning Council.