Intergovernmental Agreement

In May 2019, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago and Cook County entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement which allows the OIIG to provide services to the MWRD. The Intergovernmental Agreement can be accessed here: OIIG and MWRD Intergovernmental Agreement

Filing a Complaint

If you have information concerning corruption, fraud, waste, mismanagement, and/or employee misconduct in the operation of the MWRD, please file a complaint. This may involve employees, elected and appointed officials in the performance of their official duties, as well as contractors and subcontractors doing or seeking to do business with the MWRD.

Ways to submit a complaint:

ONLINE: Submit Complaint Online

FAX: (312) 603-9744

MAIL: 69 W. Washington Street, Suite 1160, Chicago, IL 60602

PRINT COMPLAINT FORM: A complaint form can be printed and completed for mail or fax submission OR call the Complaint Hotline to request one be sent to you.

COMPLAINT HOTLINE: 877-IGTIPLN (877-448-4756) or (312) 603-0745. Please be sure to speak slowly and clearly when leaving your information.

BY APPOINTMENT: To schedule an appointment with an OIIG Investigator to file a complaint in person, call: (312) 603-0350.

Quarterly Reports

The Independent Inspector General submits Quarterly Reports to the MWRD Board of Commissioners and Executive Director. The Quarterly Report is released the 15th day of January, April, July, and October of each year. Quarterly Reports chronicle the number and type of investigations initiated, concluded or pending since the date of the last report and whether any recommendations for remedial action were made and whether or not the recommendations were followed.


Please contact (312) 603-0350 if you have any questions, or e-mail their office at