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Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Thank you for being so interested in helping to protect water quality, manage stormwater and improve habitat for monarch butterflies in Cook County. Take the pledge now, and we'll mail your complimentary milkweed seed packet to the address provided in your pledge and email updates about MWRD programs. This program is available to Cook County residents only and while supplies last. Please read and check all statements.

I pledge to:

  • Plant milkweed and native wildflowers in my landscaping.

  • Learn about the different ways I can support the Illinois Monarch Project.

  • Learn how I can further participate in efforts that absorb rainwater that would otherwise contribute to flooding and runoff to rivers and streams.

  • Encourage my friends and neighbors to plant milkweed in their gardens.
  • Consider reducing or limiting the use of pesticides in managing yards, gardens and outdoor spaces.

Take the pledge!