MWRD Affirmative Action Information

Steps for Doing Business with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD):

1. All vendors should monitor the Coming Contracts section of this web site for new opportunities to bid on MWRD contracts or RFPs as a prime contractor / consultant or to prepare scopes of work and prices for subcontract opportunities.

2. Prospective bidders may request bid forms, specifications  and Plan holders Lists in person at the MWRD Department of Procurement and Material Management Contract Desk in the main office or by faxing a request to (312) 751-3042. All formal bids must be submitted on forms furnished by the MWRD.

3. The invitation to bid will specify whether or not the bidder is allowed to request mailing of the documents. If a bid document is requested for mailing, the MWRD does not ensure that the document will arrive to the potential supplier in time for their firm to provide a bid on the due date stated in the invitation to bid. A document fee may be required for plans and specifications. Subcontractors should contact plan holders directly to pursue subcontract opportunities with potential bidders.

In order to have your company listed on the MWRD Vendor List: 

  • Fill out the MWRD Vendor Application Form.
  • Submit the completed form to the address listed on the form.
  • Fax a copy of your current MBE/WBE Letter of Certification from the City of Chicago or the Illinois Department of Transportation to:  312-751-4440 Attn: Regina Berry (the MWRD reserves the right to review any MBE, WBE or SBE included on a successful bid or proposal).

Contact Information for the Diversity Section

Name Title Phone Number
Regina Berry Diversity Administrator 312-751-4035
Richard L. Martinez, Jr Senior Diversity Officer 312-751-4034
Jason Bullock Diversity Officer 312-751-4038
Chase Carthen Diversity Officer 312-751-4043
Fred Fortier Diversity Officer 312-751-4032
Denise Hardney Diversity Officer 312-751-4030
PJ Spencer Diversity Officer 312-751-5876
Malisa Torres Diversity Officer 312-751-5711

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