1. 1. Your firm can register to become a vendor in order to receive invitations for upcoming bidding opportunities from the MWRD. Register online at www.mwrd.org. Click on the “Become a New Vendor” quick link on the home page and complete the vendor application. Complete the “National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP) Commodity/Service List” to indicate the supplies, equipment and services that your firm can provide. Once your vendor application has been approved, you will receive an email indicating your vendor number.


  1. 2. Once you are registered, your firm will receive invitations to bid. The MWRD faxes or mails registered vendors invitations to bid for opportunities that correspond with their selected NIGP codes. Invitations to bid and contract announcements are also advertised in the Chicago Sun-Times and posted at mwrd.org every Wednesday. If your firm would like to be considered, click on the “Contracts & Proposals” quick link on the home page, download the contract, fill it out, and submit it by the due date. Once you have downloaded the contract, you are considered a plan holder for that contract. A plan holder list is available online in the “Contracts & Proposals” section of the website. Any addendum for the contract will be posted online and faxed or mailed to all plan holders on record. In addition, there is a new feature (under the same link stated above), where bidders can ask questions and receive responses online for contracts and RFPs.


  1. 3. Submit your bid as indicated in the contract documents. Sealed bids are to be deposited in the sealed bid depository in the lobby of the MWRD Administration Building, 100 East Erie Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611, from the date of the Invitation to Bid, up to 11:00 A.M. on the specified bid opening date. The sealed bids are opened publicly by the Director of Procurement and Materials Management or her designee, and the bid opening results are posted online shortly after the bid opening. To view the bid opening results and obtain bid status, click on the “Contracts & Proposals” quick link on the home page.


  1. 4. Vendors are selected for award based on the price and quality of goods and services. If your firm is considered for an award of a contract or purchase order, you will be notified and asked to submit a post qualification form and issued a purchase order thereafter. The MWRD is committed to finding the best value for our taxpayers and residents.


  1. 5. The MWRD’s Board of Commissioners must approve formal contracts and purchase orders before they are awarded. Requirements to furnish and deliver material, supplies and equipment over $25,000, and requirements for service over $10,000, including construction, are awarded by the Board of Commissioners at their regularly scheduled Board meetings. Board award information is available online in the “Contracts & Proposals” section of the website.


  1. 6. Once you have provided the specified goods or services, please send your invoice to the MWRD. The MWRD’s purchase order number must be on all invoices. Send invoices by email to accounts.payable@mwrd.org or by mail to: Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago Finance Department P.O. Box 10642 Chicago, Illinois 60610 The MWRD follows the Local Government Prompt Payment Act and pays for equipment, material or services furnished under contracts and purchase orders within 30 calendar days after satisfactory delivery and acceptance and subsequent receipt and approval of the invoice.