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Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Contact Information for the Diversity Section
Name Title Phone Number
Richard L. Martinez, Jr Acting Diversity Administrator 312-751-4034
Jason Bullock Diversity Officer 312-751-4038
Fred Fortier Diversity Officer 312-751-4032
Desiree Foster Diversity Officer 312-751-4036
Denise Hardney Diversity Officer 312-751-4030
Melanie Hernandez-Ocampo Administrative Clerk 312-751-4045
Ouidie Pollard Diversity Officer 312-751-3029
Kimberly Roscoe Administrative Specialist 312-751-4040
Susan Schaefer Diversity Officer 312-751-4043
PJ Spencer Senior Diversity Officer 312-751-5876
Andrea Thompson Administrative Specialist 312-751-4031
Malisa Torres Diversity Officer 312-751-5711