WPASS is now live and must be used for new permit applications. mwrd.org/wpass

The WMOInbox should still be used for resubmittals of active permit applications until they have been migrated to WPASS.  Your reviewer will reach out with instructions for validation as these migrations take place.  If you have any questions about how to submit your items, or WPASS, please contact wpass@mwrd.org.

The District accepts files electronically via email at  WMOInbox@mwrd.org.  This mailbox should be used to submit documents including:  existing permit resubmittals, permit revisions, permit determinations, and general inbox for MWRD review.  Attachments totaling less than 50MB can be sent directly to this mailbox.

For submittals larger than 50MB, please save all documents to a dedicated folder at shared file location (examples include Google Drive, DropBox, and One Drive) and provide a link to the dedicated folder in the email.  The District will download documents from the shared file location.

Items to note:

  • Fees - Effective May 16, 2022, MWRD is no longer waiving its requirement for receipt of fee payments prior to WMO permit acceptance. WMO permit fee payments will be due to be paid in full prior to acceptance of a permit application.
  • Please be aware that in addition to accepting mailed paper check payments to our 111 E. Erie office, the MWRD offers an electronic payment option. To make a secure electronic payment to the MWRD for the applicable WMO permit application fees, please click here. If a permit application number has been assigned to the project, include the permit application number in the Project Name section. Furthermore, please attach a copy of the executed Fee Payment Voucher and the mailed paper check/electronic payment receipt with your new WPASS submittal or resubmittal to identify and verify the fee amounts paid. Note that electronic payments will be processed in a much shorter time frame than paper check payments.
  • Original signatures - All permit forms must be signed and sealed. Electronic signatures and seals are acceptable. Alternatively, scanned copies of signature pages will be accepted.

Our previously offered FTP dropbox is now turned off.  Please use WMOInbox for all submittals, and WPASS for all new applications or resubmittals.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Charles Jackson at JacksonC2@mwrd.org, or wpass@mwrd.org for questions about the new system.