The District accepts permit applications electronically via email at or through our ftp site.  Either method is to be used to submit new plan applications and documents, including:  new WMO permit review, existing permit resubmittals, permit revision, permit determinations, and as a general inbox for MWRD review.  If submitting by email, attachments totaling less than 50MB can be sent directly to this mailbox.  For submittals larger than 50MB, please save all permit application documents to a dedicated folder at shared file location (examples include Google Drive, DropBox, and One Drive) and provide a link to the dedicated folder in the email.  The District will download permit application documents from the shared file location.  Alternatively, permit application files may be submitted using the District’s ftp site as described in the steps below.  Please note that once documents are uploaded to the ftp site they cannot be downloaded or deleted by external guest users, to protect privacy.


Items to note:

  • Contact information - Be sure to indicate the design engineer's email (page 9 of full permit application) or other relevant contact information.
  • Once uploaded documents cannot be deleted or downloaded by external users to protect privacy.
  • Fees - Effective July 1, 2020, MWRD is no longer waiving its requirement for receipt of fee payments prior to WMO permit acceptance. Starting July 1st, WMO permit fee payments will be due to be paid in full prior to issuance of a first review letter.
    Please be aware that in addition to accepting mailed paper check payments to our 111 E. Erie office, the MWRD now offers an electronic payment option. To make a secure electronic payment to the MWRD for the applicable WMO permit application fees, please click here. If a permit application number has been assigned to the project, include the permit application number in the Project Name section. Furthermore, please submit a copy of the executed Fee Payment Voucher and the mailed paper check/electronic payment receipt with your new WMO permit application or re-submittal to identify and verify the fee amounts paid. Note that electronic payments will be processed in a much shorter time frame than paper check payments.
  • Original signatures - All permit forms must be signed and sealed. Electronic signatures and seals are acceptable. Alternatively, scanned copies of signature pages will be accepted.
  • Review time - Please remain patient as our review time will be impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will provide responses as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated.


The following is a step by step set of instruction for transmitting files to the MWRD via the ftp site:


Step 1:

Install an FTP Client Application 

There are many available free over the internet. Consider using FileZilla Client for Windows (64bit) linked below as one option.


Step 2

Link to MWRD FTP site through the above application. 

New District FTP server address:


Login for external users (rights assigned only allow users to list and write to the directory)

Username:    permits320

Password:     mwdistrict2020


Step 3

Locate the appropriate file directory and make certain it is an empty directory. For example, a new full WMO permit application would be placed in the permit_application directory. Seek out an empty sub folder to upload your application documents into. If documents are in the sub folder already do not upload your documents to this folder.


Step 4

Upload your various files, plan documents, permit applications etc. to the sub folder. Limit files to 4 or 5 named pdfs, but be certain to have at least two: one pdf containing the complete plans and another for the complete permit application. Plans should be contained within a single pdf file. Do not submit multiple pdfs for each page. Scanned copies of the signed and sealed permit application should again be a single separate pdf. Further supporting documents, including fee payment vouchers and other calculations should following in another separate pdf.  Please consider the following file name standard so MWRD reviewers can clearly review and streamline your project: 

  1. Plans_ProjectName_Muni.pdf 
  2. PermitApp_ProjectName_Muni.pdf
  3. SWMReport_ProjectName_Muni.pdf
  4. OtherDocs_ProjectName_Muni.pdf


Step 5

Check to confirm you upload is complete, and all files are loaded. Then you are done! Please remain patient. MWRD staff will reach out to the design engineer noted on the final page of your application within 3-5 days. If you have not heard a response or have a challenge contact MWRD staff.


If you have questions or concerns Contact Charles Jackson at