Project overview:

The MWRD constructed a critical flood control and streambank stabilization project along Tinley Creek in Crestwood to protect homes from recurring overbank flooding. The $7.2-million project lowered flood profiles and stabilized the existing bank from active streambank erosion through structural and natural measures. The MWRD worked with the Village of Crestwood to provide new pedestrian amenities at the site.


Tinley Creek


Project description:

The MWRD widened and reshaped approximately 2,300 linear feet of Tinley Creek from the intersection at Cal Sag Road and 127th Street southwest to Central Avenue in Crestwood. New native grasses, shrubs and trees were established along the reach of the stream, and nine in-stream rock structures were installed. Three new pedestrian bridges were also constructed spanning the creek.


Project impact: 

The Tinley Creek improvements provided protection from the 100-year flood event for approximately 173 homes and businesses in Crestwood, in addition to adding new amenities, such as a resurfaced parking lot, path and pedestrian bridges. As a result of the project, the flood profile of Tinley Creek downstream of the Elizabeth A. Conkey Forest Preserve to the intersection of 127th Street and Cal-Sag Road was lowered, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s flood plain maps were revised to reflect this improved condition.


Tinley Park


Project timeline:

The Tinley Creek Flood Control and Streambank Stabilization project in Crestwood was completed in 2019.


Tinley Creek