Ribbon-Cutting: LaGrange Permeable Parking Lot

The MWRD and the Village of LaGrange partnered to construct two permeable parking lots using permeable pavers at the following locations: 53 S. La Grange Rd. and 20 W. Harris Ave.  Between the two green infrastructure installations, a total design retention capacity (DRC) of 94,974 gallons of stormwater per rain event was created. Village Hall Lot DRC can hold 24,364 gallons and Lot 8 DRC can hold 70,610 gallons. The MWRD is committed to contributing a total of $200,000 toward these two parking lots, or half of the final construction cost.

LaGrange Village President Thomas Livingston will be on hand to share remarks.


53 S. La Grange Road, La Grange