Project overview:

The Natalie Creek Flood Control Project will reduce flooding for 237 structures and protect residents of Midlothian and Oak Forest from rising waters along Natalie Creek. 

The MWRD will mitigate the costly effects of overbank flooding along 15,800 linear feet of Natalie Creek by upsizing restrictive culverts, widening the channel at several locations and creating a new stormwater storage basin along the channel. 


Natalie Creek


Project description:

In Midlothian, the MWRD will renovate a concrete channel, upsize culverts along Natalie Creek at 149th Street near Kilpatrick, Kenton, Kolmar, Kilbourn and Kostner Avenues, improve a conduit outfall grate at 146th Street and Pulaski Road, construct a new detention basin facility in the vicinity of 147th Street and Kostner Avenue and expand an existing detention basin at 149th Street and Kilpatrick Avenue. Planned construction for the project in Oak Forest will include erosion control, reshaping along the channel, and sediment removal at Laporte and La Crosse Avenues.  


Project impact: 

During a 100-year storm event, the improvements will provide flood reduction benefits for 237 structures affected by overbank flooding from the northern end of the Central Park Detention Basin, adjacent to 157th St. and Long Avenue, in Oak Forest to 146th Street and Pulaski Road in Midlothian.


Natalie Creek


Project timeline:

The Natalie Creek Flood Control Project formally broke ground in November 2018 and is expected to be completed by 2020. 


Natalie Creek