Welcome to the MWRD Lobbyist System

Notice To All Lobbyists

Parties interested in registering as a Lobbyist with the MWRD must comply with the MWRD Ethics Ordinance. MWRD Lobbyists must also confirm compliance with the Illinois Lobbyist Registration Act's sexual harassment provisions and related training requirements. 

Most important items for your review include:

  • MWRD Lobbyist Registration Statement
  • Lobbyist Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training - to be completed annually before registration or renewal.
  • Lobbyist Ethics training -  to be completed every 12 months no later than 30 days after registration or renewal.
  • Amendment of Registration statements within 14 days of any substantial change or addition, including email address or other contact information.
  • Activities and Expenditures reporting on a semi-monthly schedule, regardless of whether any Expenditures were incurred. 
  • Expenditures' itemization, regardless of amount.
  • Lobbyist Registration statements and reports shall be publicly available.

Please follow instructions to pay online after submitting the form.

Lobbyist technical help

For technical assistance, please contact Mete Hachim, hachimm@mwrd.org (preferred), 312-751-6516