Click on the links below to view the District’s EMS Manual.


PDF     Document 00.1 EMS Manual Document Control Summary
PDF    Document 00.2  Overview of the MWRDGC
PDF      Document 00.3  List of Abbreviations
PDF      Document 00.4  Definitions
PDF      Document 00.5  District Organizational Chart
PDF      Document 00.6  Biosolids Contracts
PDF      Element 01  Biosolids EMS Manual
PDF      Element 02  Biosolids Management Policy
PDF      Document 02.1  MWRDGC Biosolids Policy
PDF      Element 03  Critical Control Points
PDF      Document 03.1  Hanover Park WRP CCP Table
PDF      Document 03.2  John E. Egan WRP CCP Table
PDF      Document 03.3  James C. Kirie WRP CCP Table
PDF      Document 03.4  Terrence J. O'Brien WRP CCP Table
PDF      Document 03.5  Stickney WRP CCP Table
PDF      Document 03.6  Calumet WRP CCP Table
PDF      Document 03.7  Lemont WRP CCP Table
PDF      Element 04  Legal and Other Requirements
PDF      Document 04.1  Biosolids Regulations and Other Requirements
PDF      Document 04.2  Current Biosolids Operating Permits
PDF      Document 04.3.1  Reporting Requirements Hanover Park NPDES
PDF      Document 04.3.2  Reporting Requirements Hanover Park Fischer Farm
PDF      Document 04.3.3  Reporting Requirements Egan NPDES
PDF      Document 04.3.4  Reporting Requirements Egan Solids Drying Areas
PDF      Document 04.3.5  Reporting Requirements Egan Backup Solids Drying Area
PDF      Document 04.3.6  Reporting Requirements Kirie NPDES
PDF      Document 04.3.7  Reporting Requirements North Side NPDES
PDF      Document 04.3.8  Reporting Requirements Stickney NPDES
PDF      Document 04.3.9  Reporting Requirements Stickney Solids Drying Areas
PDF      Document 04.3.10  Reporting Requirements Calumet NPDES
PDF      Document 04.3.11  Reporting Requirements Calumet Solids Drying Areas
PDF      Document 04.3.12 Reporting Requirements Lemont NPDES
PDF      Document 04.3.13  Reporting Requirements Controlled Solids Distribution
PDF      Document 04.3.14  Reporting Requirements Fulton County
PDF      Document 04.3.15  Reporting Requirements Land Application
PDF      Document 04.4  Biosolids Products/Compliance Parameters
PDF      Document 04.5  Biosolids Products and Legal Requirements/Vehicles
PDF      Element 05  Goals and Objectives
PDF      Document 05.1  Goals and Objectives Guidance
PDF      Element 06  Public Participation in Planning
PDF      Document 06.1  Public Input Opportunities
PDF      Document 06.2  Public Input Public Relations Program for Farmland Application
PDF      Element 07    Roles and Responsibilities
PDF      Document 07.1 EMS Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities
PDF      Document 07.2  Field Division EMS Responsibilities
PDF      Element 08  Training
PDF      Document 08.1 Types of Training
PDF      Document 08.2  Employees Required to have EMS Awareness Training
PDF      Element 09  EMS Communication
PDF      Element 10  Operational Control of Critical Control Points
PDF      Document 10.1 Operational Control Guidance
PDF      Element 11  Emergency Preparedness and Response
PDF      Document 11.1  Emergency Preparedness Manual Table of Contents
PDF      Element 12  Documentation, Document Control, and Recordkeeping
PDF      Document 12.1  Types of Documents
PDF      Element 13    Monitoring and Measurement
PDF      Element 14  Nonconformances: Preventive and Corrective Action
PDF      Document 14.1  Non-conformance Report Form
PDF      Element 15  Biosolids Program Report
PDF      Document 15.1  Biosolids EMS Annual Report Guidance
PDF      Element 16  Biosolids EMS Internal Audit
PDF      Document 16.1  Biosolids EMS Internal Audit Guidance
PDF      Document 16.2 Biosolids EMS Audit Schedule
PDF      Element 17    Management Review
PDF     Document 17.1  Management Review Guidance