Project overview:

The Crestwood Flood Control Project will provide flood relief for approximately 82 structures in the vicinity of 135th Street and Central Avenue. To address a history of severe flooding, the MWRD will install a storm sewer, modify an existing detention basin, and improve water conveyance along the Crestwood Drainage Ditch to its outlet at the Cal-Sag Channel. MWRD engineers began studying the area in 2014. Planning and analysis involved a range of public participation, drawing more than 100 resident responses from a flooding questionnaire and additional partner engagement from the community. After evaluating multiple alternatives, gathering input and meeting with officials from Crestwood, Nathan Hale Intermediate School (School District 130), the Cook County Forest Preserve District, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Office of Water Resources, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Illinois Department of Transportation, the MWRD and consultant engineers selected a strategy that all partners could support to combat flooding in the project area.


Crestwood Drainage Ditch
Homes along 135th Street will benefit from the installation of new storm sewers and other infrastructure.
Crestwood Project Map


Project description:

The $7.6 million project calls for: (1) the installation of new storm sewers and a junction structure along 135th Street from Central Avenue to the Crestwood Drainage Ditch; (2) improving conveyance along the Crestwood Drainage Ditch channel from 135th Street to Cal-Sag Road; (3) adding capacity to the existing pipe culverts under Cal-Sag Road; and (4) improving the detention basin and associated outlet on the Nathan Hale School property adjacent to the Crestwood Drainage Ditch, north of 135th Street. In addition, the Village of Crestwood has committed funding and other assistance toward construction and acquisition of temporary and permanent easements, and the upsizing of local storm sewers. The project limits are along 135th Street between Central Avenue and Crestwood Drainage Ditch West, also known as the Laramie Creek, and extends south along the eastern edge of the Cook County Forest Preserve District’s Rubio Woods property to 139th Street. The project limits also include open space areas on Nathan Hale School property to the north of 135th Street. The project lies within the Crestwood Drainage Ditch West watershed which is a sub-watershed of the Cal-Sag Channel.


135 St. Storm sewer
The existing junction structure near the Nathan Hale School will be replaced to improve conveyance of stormwater from the new 135th Street storm sewer to the Crestwood Drainage Ditch.


Project impact: 

The project provides flood relief for 82 homes, businesses and other buildings in the area of 135th Street and provides surface flooding protection from the 100-year-rain event. The work also improves safety and aesthetics of an open junction chamber on Nathan Hale School property, limits required permanent easements, and allows for future capacity and flows between the Forest Preserve and Crestwood Drainage Ditch and within the 135th Street storm sewer system due to upsized neighborhood storm sewers planned by Crestwood. The project also meets the goals of the MWRD’s Affirmative Action Ordinance, establishing Minority-owned Business Enterprises, Women-owned Business Enterprises, Small Business Enterprises and Veteran-owned Business Enterprises utilization.


Crestwood Drainage Ditch
Erosion along the banks of the Crestwood Drainage Ditch will be repaired and stabilized.


Project timeline:

Following thorough studies, outreach and preliminary engineering, the MWRD Board of Commissioners authorized the construction contract in September 2021. Ground will be broken in the spring of 2022 with completion by late 2023.